Born:              1968, Buffalo, NY
Hobbies:       Photography, Sailing, Golf, Videogames

Phil has spent most of his life with eyes on supporting his two oldest daughters. Having entered fatherhood early in life, his primary goal after graduating from Vassar College (1992) was to find a reasonable income to see those daughters through their formative years. He has had success in education administration, retail management, local photojournalism, contract photography and IT support. He converted to Islam from Christianity while studying at Vassar in his early 20’s.

Most recently, he has returned home to care for his newest children and with hope of expanding his horizons in writing (blog) and technology (contract home networking). He believes that learning is a journey and not a destination, and continues to seek new challenges wherever they present themselves.

Most recently, Phil has obtained a beginner’s sailing certification and hopes to make sailing a lifelong pursuit.


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