Don’t Start None, Won’t Be None – a Proud Repost

It’s funny how things work. I always hesitate to reblog because it often feels like plagiarism to me. To take people’s words and fly them under my banner.

But sometimes a good cause strikes me in the face.

A blogger for Scientific American was approached by someone at Biology-online to guest write. Not too bad, but when informed that she would not be paid (and there were also other less palatable conditions for a blogger), she politely and professionally declined the man identifying himself as “Ofek.”

His response? Call her a whore. A professional scientist and writer.

To add insult to injury (or insult to insult) Scientific American took down the original blog and her intelligent and good-natured response for inappropriate content.

I have provided a link to the original blog post and reposted it below, with the help Sean Carroll’s efforts.

Please read and share to show your support of professionals mishandled in the educational and scientific community. As Sean notes in his blog, our best hope is that SciAm will put the blog back up and cut all ties with Biology-online.

My further hope is that you will avoid Biology-online at all costs – boycott them to make sure that no one will ever approach another professional with disdain simply because their website has a high number of hits. Perhaps that number will decrease to nothing with your help.

Thank you.


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