Isn’t blogging supposed to be easy?



I’m confused. You probably already know that. You cannot imagine how much I have to say. Good things. Upsetting things. Clever observations. Sublime wanderings.

Yet, no words come to me. Insha’Allah this will be a place where my innermost thoughts and opinions can be shared. A place where contention is welcomed, especially if it adds to others’ (or my own) understanding of the world.

But right now, there is just a blank page. How intimidating is that? Especially for someone like myself, who has made it his business to dovetail ideas as addenda to others’ work? In the absence of others’ ideas as a catalyst, perhaps I should just start with a statement of purpose?

I mean to write a blog, and a good one. I want you to be entertained, because that will keep you coming back. I want you to disagree, because that will keep us both thinking. And I want to occasionally offend, because that is the only thing that will encourage you to question or review your own beliefs, and perhaps strengthen us both. The ultimate devil’s advocate. I don’t want to bore. So here are the things most important to me (in no particular order):

  • Family
  • Consistency
  • Technology
  • Beauty
  • Creativity
  • Relaxation
  • Considerate behavior
  • Reasonable discussion

So, shouldn’t a blog be an ideal place for me? Shouldn’t my first post have unlimited material to draw from? Yet I draw a blank. Performance anxiety. Writer’s block. Lack of preparation.

But that’s ok, because this is my blog, and you have graced me with your presence. So thank you. Insha’Allah, it will be much more interesting and enjoyable next time. Here is some of the subject matter with which I hope to entertain you:

  • The increasing lack of editorial work in writing, now that blogs (and especially micro-blogs) exist. Even professional writers now publish typos with the press of a button. Should that be ok?
  • The lack of helpful support in the Linux support community (ok, perhaps a little technical for most people who may read my blog). Why do you suppose “support” becomes antagonism? I might surprise you.
  • Finding one’s place in the “new” tech-centered world. We no longer need to work for IBM for 30 years with the goal of getting a gold watch at retirement. So what are our goals now?
  • Being a responsible human being, facing the things we hide in denial, and taking care of one another and this world.
  • Humorous observations on culture in Islam (as a convert who brings no eastern culture to his understanding of Islam).

You tell me, what would you like to read? I’m open. I always try to be.

And, thank you for reading. Your attention is very much appreciated.


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